Circular walks and guided tours

Why not explore the town centre and the mediaeval ruins of Steinsberg Castle on foot? You’ll find out all sorts of interesting things about Sinsheim.

Guided tours of the town

Come on one of our guided tours, and we’ll show you some of the history of Sinsheim.

Public guided tours of the town

Historic guided tours of the town, suitable for everyone. A Sinsheim tour guide would love to take you on a special walk around the town centre and show you the historic buildings, bridges, streets and alleyways of this “cheerful little rural town”, as Germany’s famous poet Goethe once called our town on the river Elsenz. You’ll find out quite a few interesting things about the history of our town, from the Middle Ages to the Baden Revolution, complete with lots of anecdotes.

Meeting point: Hauptstraße 92
Price: €4.00 p.p. Children over 6: €2.00
Organisers: Freunde Sinsheimer Geschichte e.V.
No prior booking is needed

Special guided tours for groups can be booked in advance

For bookings, please contact:
Tel.:+49 (0) 7261 404-109

Duration: 1-2 hours
Price: €50 for up to 20 persons, €4 for each additional person.
This tour can also be booked with a tour guide in period costume. Costume surcharge: €15
Organisers: Freunde Sinsheimer Geschichte e.V.