Wine Hike

A hike to Weiler and Steinsberg Castle is always worthwhile.
If you want to make your visit particularly special, why not let our local vintners treat you to some of their exquisite wines?

The two vineyards Zipse and Uhler & Blank offer hikes with wine tasting sessions. Both grow their grapes on the slopes of the Steinsberg, directly below the castle. While Uhler & Blank focuses entirely on eco-friendly winegrowing, Zipse uses traditional methods.
The Steinsberg slope is ideally suited for growing a large variety of wines – thanks to its dark basalt, which is clearly volcanic in origin. It means that the soil stores heat during the day and passes it on to the grapes at night.
Why not find out for yourself about the outstanding quality of their latest wines?
Our vintners are looking forward to a convivial time with you.


Weingut Uhler & Blank
Steinstraße 16
74889 Sinsheim

Phone: +49 (0)7261 948676

Weingut Zipse
Kaiserstraße 83-85
74889 Sinsheim

Mobile: +49 (0)176 5838993