Bicycle service point

The place to head for if you have a puncture

A bicycle service point is known as a RadSERVICE-Punkt in Sinsheim.

Thanks to these service points, you can be more flexible and feel safer when you venture out.
A quick safety check or minor repairs are simple and easy enough to carry out yourself at one of the many service points which are located across the town.

Each service point has freely accessible facilities for cyclists, including a pump for all standard valves and various tools for quick repairs. These facilities can be used at any time, seven days a week, and are not subject to opening hours. To make the job easier for you, there’s always a rack where you can hang up your bike.


Locations in Sinsheim:

  • entrance to the Alla Hopp! Fitness Space from the Elsenz Hall
  • Sinsheim-Hoffenheim, next to the railway station