Steinsberg Castle

Situated on a basalt cone between Sinsheim and Weiler is the Compass of Kraichgau: Steinsberg Castle, a major landmark in the area. This historic ambience invites you to enjoy a fascinating guided tour and a meal in the restaurant located in the former residential and servants’ sections of the castle. The chefs ensure that all food is perfectly fresh and sourced regionally. Moreover, true to knightly traditions, unforgettable moments at mediaeval events, knights’ banquets and festivities are also on offer. Furthermore, special arrangements can be made for weddings and conferences.

The castle, which was first mentioned in 1109, has had a chequered history in which it has frequently changed hands and has been expanded, destroyed and rebuilt. In 1973 it was purchased by Sinsheim Town Council, who have been responsible for its upkeep ever since.

Steinsberg Castl
Steinsberg 1
74889 Sinsheim

Phone: +49(0)7261 404-109

Learn about the castle and its history !

Visit the “Compass of Kraichgau” and enjoy a guided tour through its fascinating history. Immerse yourself in the Middle Ages, and find out why the keep is octagonal and what it was like to be locked up in a dungeon.

Why not stay for an extra day?

It would be a shame to leave the Sinsheim Adventure Region when you’ve only just arrived. Let yourself be carried away by the enthusiasm of the football fans and explore one of the most modern and attractive football stadiums in Germany.

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And then …

Don’t miss the opportunity for a mediaeval meal at the Castle pub. But perhaps you’d rather enjoy a round of mini golf or a winetasting session?

Klima Arena

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