Visit the quaint little village of Schreinerdörfchen (literally carpenters' hamlet) on the river Schwarzbach.

Eschelbronn is also known as the “Carpenters’ Village”. The Carpentry and Local Heritage Museum focuses mainly on the work of a carpenter, but includes other trades which in times past were closely linked to carpentry. Another unusual feature of this quaint little village is a chestnut-lined avenue, which is about 310 metres long.
The row of 19 horse chestnut trees is under a protection order as a natural monument. A somewhat more extensive natural monument in this area can be found in Brünnleswald, between Meckesheim and Eschelbronn. This geological idiosyncrasy is the Stone Gully, which is well worth investigating and a great destination for a walk.

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Must-see sights

Discover the natural monuments in the village of Eschelbronn or immerse yourself in the local history of this carpenters’ hamlet.

Natural monument "Kastanienallee" on...


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The Kastanienallee in Eschelbronn, a municipality in the Rhein-Neckar district in northern Baden-Württemberg, is a series of 19 horse-chestnut trees that have been designated a natural monument (protected area number 82260200001). The avenue is opposite the train station on Bahnhofstrasse on the banks of the Schwarzbach and is around 310 meters long.

Eschelbronn carpentry and local history museum


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"Kallenberg" nature reserve in Eschel...


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The Kallenberg is a mountain ridge in the Kraichgau on the district area of the municipality of Eschelbronn in the Rhein-Neckar district in Baden-Württemberg.