Do people in Helmstadt really wear helmets, as the name suggests? And what’s behind the name Bargen? Argy-bargy? Find out.

The village consists of three districts Flinsbach, Bargen and Helmstadt, situated in the valleys of two small rivers: the Wollenbach and Schwarzbach. One Major landmark in Helmstadt is a Renaissance well, which is situated on the estate of a former moated manor. Other places of interest in this charming area are the Local Heritage Museum in Helmstadt and the
Village Museum in Bargen, which contains items found in Franconian burial grounds. The three parts of the village are modern and versatile, with a range of commercial, administrative and cultural facilities. The village also has some well-tended sports fields, community and sports halls, the Bücherkiste (Box of Books) and the Bücherturm (Tower of Books) as well as carefully signposted footpaths with extensive recreational areas and a variety of leisure facilities for both locals and tourists.

Local government Helmstadt-Bargen
Rabanstr. 14
74921 Helmstadt-Bargen

Monday, Thursday, Friday:
08:00 am - 12:00 am
02:00 pm - 04:00 pm
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Phone: +49 (0) 7263 9120-0
E-Mail: gv-post@helmstadt-bargen.de 
Website: www.helmstadt-bargen.de 

Must-see sights

A small place with lots of action! Are you looking for an adrenaline rush to get you going? You've come to the right place! Have the time of your life in the Paintball Arena or on the pump track – the mogul slope of the town. Or perhaps you’d like a bit more peace and quiet at the local heritage museum run by Heimatverein Helmstadt?

Local Heritage Museum of the Heimatverein Helms...


Among other things, an old school room - from the history of the former local rule of the Counts of Helmstatt and Berlichingen (family trees), models of former castles and palaces, a farmer's kitchen and tools from agriculture / handicrafts are displayed.

Pumptrack - The Helmstadt mogul slope


freely accessible / always open

Bargen village museum


This museum contains burial objects from the Franconian cemetery of Bargen. On April 18, 1952 the first graves were cut by the tree of the access road and the sewer system to the planned school and the new settlement. Burial objects could later be secured.