On the edge of the Kleiner Odenwald region, above the densely wooded Neckar hills in the foothills of the Kraichgau region, you can find the village of Reichartshausen.

The endearing village of Reichartshausen is particularly attractive when viewed from a bicycle or on a long walk. A major point of interest is the Karl Ludwig oak tree, which is 26 metres tall and dates back about 350 years. Reichartshausen is also well known for the nearby open-air swimming pool. Younger guests particularly appreciate the long wave chute site, as well as the
separate pool for toddlers. The centre of the village is notable for its all-generation meeting space with ist recreational facilities, a great place for all generations. Just next to Reichartshausen is the cross-regional natural burial ground Ruhehain unter den Eichen (Resting Place under the Oaks), one of the first of ist kind within the area. A “remarkable” highlight is the 4th Sunday in October (locally known as Kerwe), when a show execution is enacted by Centeni Comite.

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Must-see sights

Reichartshausen has something to offer to young and old alike – even a multi-generation recreational space with great opportunities for lots of fun. The major attraction for nature lovers big and small is in fact a tree: the Karl Ludwig Oak.

Karl Ludwig Oak Reichartshausen


freely accessible / always open

The Karl Ludwig Oak is around 350 years old and About 26 m high.

Lille Cafe


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Multi-generation place Reichartshausen


freely accessible / always open

The multi-generational space offers leisure and meeting opportunities for young and old.